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Wild Life

In 2017 Breyer purchased some CollectA's existing models, including the Przewalski's Horse, below, and has released them under the "Corral Pals" label. They appear to be the same as CollectA's 2016 issues and bear the same model numbers. Each of these releases is indicated below as "Corral Pals" and have both a "Breyer by CollectA" hang tag and are stamped "Breyer" on the belly. Breyer is not releasing the remaining Wild Life models, which will apparently continue to be sold by CollectA. Note: CollectA will re-use the same name on different molds, such as with the White Tiger. I have labeled these molds I, II, etc. to avoid confusion.

Thumbnail Mold Name   Thumbnail Mold Name   Thumbnail Mold Name
African Buffalo   Giant Sable Antelope Male   Przewalski's Horse
Corral Pals
African Elephant   Ginkgo Biloba Tree Deluxe   Pygmy Hippopotamus
African Elephant Calf   Giraffe - Eating   Pygmy Hippopotamus Calf
African Lion I   Green Anaconda   Red Kangaroo
African Lion II   Grevy's Zebra  

Red Panda
African Wild Ass   Grizzly Bear   Red River Hog
American Alligator   Grizzly Bear Cub   Reticulated Giraffe I
American Bald Eagle   Hippopotamus   Reticulated Giraffe II
American Bison   Hippopotamus Calf   Reticulated Giraffe Calf I
American Black Bear   Hirola   Reticulated Giraffe Calf II
Amur Leopard   King Cheetah   Saola
Asian Elephant   King Cobra   Scimitar-Horned Oryx
Asian Elephant Calf   Kiwi   Shoebill
Babirusa   Koala - Climbing   Siberian Tiger
Baboon Female with Baby   Koala - Eating Eucalyptus   Snow Leopard
Baboon Male   Leopard   Snow Leopard Cub - Playing
Baird's Tapir   Lion Cub   Snow Leopard Cub - Running
Baird's Tapir Calf   Lion Cub - Stretching   Springbok
Barbary Sheep   Lion Cub - Walking   Striped Hyena
Black-Faced Spoonbill - Standing   Lion Family   Tasmanian Devil
Black-Faced Spoonbill - Walking   Lioness I   Thylacine Female
Black Panther   Lioness II   Tiger
Black Wildebeest   Long-Tailed Chinchilla   Tiger Cub
Blackbuck   Lynx   Tiger Cub - Lying
Brown Bear   Maned Wolf   Tiger Cub - Walking
Brown Bear Cub   Meerkat - Standing   Waterbuck
Cassowary   Meerkat - Walking   Western African Giraffe
Chimpanzee Cub - Hugging   Moose   Western African Giraffe Calf
Chimpanzee Cub - Thinking   Mountain Nyala   Western Gorilla
Chimpanzee Female   Nile Crocodile   Western Gorilla Baby
Chimpanzee Male   Nile Crocodile - Leaping   White Lion
Chiru   Nilgai   White Lion Cub - Stretching
Common Zebra   Okapi   White Line Cub - Walking
Diana Monkey   Okapi Calf   White Lioness
Dromedary Camel   Orangutan I   White Rhinoceros
European Mouflon   Orangutan II   White Rhinoceros Calf
Fennec Fox   Ostrich   White Tiger I
Flamingo   Ostrich Chick - Sitting   White Tiger II
Giant Eland Antelope   Ostrich Chick - Walking   White Tiger Cub
Giant Eland Calf   Peregrine Falcon   White Tiger Cub - Lying
Giant Panda   Pinta Island Tortoise (Lonesome George)   White Tiger Cub - Walking
Giant Panda Cub - Sitting   Polar Bear   Wild Water Buffalo
Giant Panda Cub - Standing   Polar Bear Cub - Sitting   Wombat
Giant Sable Antelope Female   Polar Bear Cub - Standing   Zebra Foal

This website, including all photographs and original text, is Copyright 2016-2017 Janice Cox. It is not sponsored by Collecta Global Limited ("CollectA").

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