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Note: CollectA will re-use the same name on different molds, such as with the Hedgehog. I have labeled these molds I, II, etc. to avoid confusion but this is not an official designation.

The photos below are thumbnails. Clicking on an image will open a larger version of that image. Clicking on a mold name will take you to that mold page.

Thumbnail Mold Name   Thumbnail Mold Name   Thumbnail Mold Name
Barn Owl   Hedgehog I  

Red Squirrel
Beaver   Hedgehog II  

Red Squirrel Eating
Black-Backed Jackal   Himalayan Tar  

Brown Hare   Rabbit   Tadjik Markhor
Capybara   Red Deer Calf I   Timber Wolf Howling
Capybara Babies   Red Deer Calf II   Timber Wolf Hunting
Common Otter   Red Deer Hind I   Wild Boar
Dartmoor Pony I   Red Deer Hind II   Wild Piglet - Eating
Dartmoor Pony II   Red Deer Stag I   Wild Piglet - Walking
Dartmoor Pony III  

Red Deer Stag II   Wild Sow
Eurasian Badger  

Red Fox   Woodland Caribou
Fallow Deer            

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